About CrossFit Mount Kisco

At CrossFit Mount Kisco we are focused on getting you into the best shape of your life through general physical preparation.  This is done in a friendly, encouraging environment where we demand proper form and technique.

Classes are designed to accommodate all skill levels, and our coaches are trained to spot deficiencies and scale appropriately. We could spend countless hours describing what is CrossFit, but it is best to come by and give it a try.

The easiest way to describe CrossFit at our gym is by describing what it isn’t.

CrossFit is not:
– Walking on a treadmill while reading a magazine
– Doing bicep curls on a machine while a trainer in a collared shirt counts reps
– Easing up on the elliptical so you don’t get too sweaty
– Sacrificing form, safety and your body to get your next personal record

Owner and head coach Phil Itwaru has created an environment that members consider their second home.  Our members at CrossFit Mount Kisco have built a unique community who support and enjoy one another not only in the gym but also outside the gym. Whether it is helping to fundraise for charities, running a local 5K or organizing a night out on the town.

Our diverse membership is made up of CrossFit competitors, Olympic lifters, stay-at-home moms, high school athletes, professionals from multiple disciplines, and people discovering fitness for the first time.

Our new 4,000 square foot facility is conveniently located at 25 Hubbels Drive in Mount Kisco, close to the Saw Mill Parkway, Metro North station and business district. The gym has on-site parking, 3 bathrooms and 2 showers.

Our Accomplishments