From Our Members

Wow I cannot express enough of how I discovered a part of myself I felt I'd left behind or lost long ago. Our box and trainer are hands down the very best around. My life has done a complete 180 and I can't say enough about the people I train with everyday. There's  only warm, friendly and supportive people, I've even asked some of them to speak at my daughters career day!!! They are not only physically strong but super strong women all the way around!! Love these ladies each of them have touched me in some way!! Over the top supportive best community to be a part of hands down!! Everyone wants to be healthy strong and happy!! This is the place it starts!! ??????❤️?? OMG I cannot stop writing!!! I just love it❤️

Paris Serpico

I started crossfit about 2 years ago. CFMK quickly became my home away from home. Phil has been a huge part in me continuing crossfit. He has such confidence in my ability that I want to push myself to see how well I can perform. I am amazed at the weight and movements I can do and I owe it to him. The cfmk community is truly amazing. The love and support from everyone there makes me want to go back everyday. I am so lucky to have found an amazing coach and great community!

Christine Jelenevsky

The first time I ever did a Crossfit workout I didnt know what to expect but I found out quickly that it would prove to be the hardest thing both mentally and physically I had ever done. I contemplated quitting and never going back, but a little voice in my head told me to stick with it. Fast forward almost 5 years later, and I am still here!!  And I could not think of a more amazing box to be a part of than Crossfit Mount Kisco. The community here consists of some of the most wonderful people I have ever encountered. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, has different athletic abilities and has different goals when it comes to the sport, yet every single person is supportive of each other, help push each other and are there to cheer you on during those hard workouts when you don't think you can finish. There is no passing of judgment. There are no egos. Just a community of people who genuinely want to see you achieve your goals and are just as happy for you when you do as you are for them when they achieve theirs. You get inspired daily, not only by the experienced athletes who finish a 15 minute workout in 6, but by the new ones who push themselves as far as they can go and finish in 14:59.
But what truly makes this place so special and separates it from the rest of the boxes out there is Phil. I can't even begin to explain how fortunate I feel to have him as a coach. I have never encountered someone who is so invested in every single one of his athletes. His commitment to them and their improvement is unprecedented. Phil knows your abilities and what you are capable of even before you do, and it is his consistent faith in you that makes YOU believe in YOU. He knows your strengths and your weaknesses and knows how to push you and keep you motivated day after day. He is the kind of coach that you know will always be in your corner and will always have your back. It doesn't matter if it is to cheer you on during a competition, help console you during a meltdown, or to jump for joy when someone's goal is met, he's always there to support you---and that is why his athletes thrive! It's because of his commitment and dedication to every single one of us.

Jodi Anne