Phil Itwaru

Owner, Head Coach
Phil Itwaru


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Phil has always been an athlete and there has not been a sport he did not love. Before CrossFit, Phil was involved in football, basketball, lacrosse, skiing and snowboarding. While he has been active all his life, Phil was still always looking for that extra something. He bounced around from sport to sport, until he finally found CrossFit. The challenges, functional movements, constantly varied workouts, and strong camaraderie gained through CrossFit had Phil hooked instantly. With the help of CrossFit, the rest of his ongoing activities have become more enjoyable. The training was, and continues to be, an excellent addition to his active lifestyle.

As both a competitor and coach in the CrossFit community, Phil’s reputation speaks for itself. He has trained with competition level athletes and has worked with some of CrossFit community’s top coaches.

Phil’s goal as a coach is to inspire individuals to make long term changes to their lifestyle and to foster a positive training environment. He loves helping members overcome their perceived limitations to achieve their full potential.  CrossFit’s scalable intensity and commitment to functional movements makes it the perfect program for individuals of all ages and abilities.  As a coach and an owner he takes pride in the opportunity to create a culture and community at CrossFit Mount Kisco for his athletes to understand that they are capable of much more than they think. Phil’s philosophy is quality over quantity. He programs to train with intensity and quality and teaches his athletes to make every second and single movement count. Phil has found joy in positively influencing another person’s life, especially in physical activity, rewarding.

Phil also gives athletes at all levels a chance to compete in CrossFit and other fitness activities. He has embraced that aspect by competing in several local and national competitions. He appreciates the aspects of CrossFit, the CrossFit athlete, and the athlete using CrossFit to positively impact their everyday lives. Phil enjoys working with his members to reach their goals, whether it be standing on the podium at a competition, being able to ski all day and still have energy left over, or to simply keep up with their kids.

Phil believes training should be fun, and owning CrossFit Mount Kisco allows him to help a large community learn to be better than yesterday, and to defy limitations.

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