Russ Adler

Russ Adler


  • Crossfit Level 1


Russ has been a member of CFMK since (almost) the beginning.  Bored with the usual gym routine (chest and triceps on Monday, back and biceps on Wednesday, etc.), Russ was drawn to the same aspects of CrossFit that probably appeal to you: the constant challenge, never ending variety of movements and skills to learn and, perhaps one day, master, and, most importantly, the community we have built here at CFMK.  Russ received his CF-L1 in 2015.

Russ’ favorite WODs are Murph (just ask his dog, Murph), Holleyman and The Chief, he’s not a big fan of Karen or Annie (damn sit-ups).  When not at CrossFit with his wife, Andrea and his daughters, future CrossFit games athletes Ryder and Kaya, Russ is a labor and employment lawyer (it’s a living).

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