Important CFMK Updates

We will use this for gym updates and changes during these challenging times.

CFMK is here for you during these unprecedented times.

While the hype is certainly real, the severity of this outbreak cannot be ignored.

CrossFit Mount Kisco has temporarily closed our facility doors, but the fitness MUST go on!

We are continuing to provide at-home programming to all our active members, along with multiple LIVE zoom classes throughout the day. All workouts can easily be modified based on your abilities, as well as based on the equipment you have on-hand.

Health and wellness is more important now than ever, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health.

Keep moving, find an accountability partner, get outside, continue to practice social distancing – and we will all get through this together.

If you are not a current member, but are interested in joining us for ZOOM classes – contact us at 

Check the CDC for the latest information.


Hey CrossFit Mount Kisco family,

We wanted to use this page to talk a little about health.

Whether the world is experiencing a global pandemic or not, your immune system is the first line of defense against any type of sickness.

A strong immune system plays a huge role in whether a person gets sick, how long sickness lasts, and sometimes, whether a person survives or not.


Let's run through a few points... remind everyone what they can do to keep those immune systems fired up.


  • Breath. Your breath is incredible and the most important tool for good health. It is your foundation. If you know nothing of breath work, you’ll find safety information HERE and a breathwork exercise HERE.
  • Sleep. Sleep is a place for recovery. For the best sleep:
    • Turn off screens and dampen the lighting in your home 2-3 hours before bed.
    • Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed. Digestion is work. We don’t work while we sleep.
    • Very light breath work as you are lying down to fall asleep
  • Mushrooms. Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Agarikon mushrooms/supplements have been shown to have incredible effects on human immune systems.
  • Nutrition. I’ll leave this one to Michael Pollan – “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
  • Water. Do it. Start every day with a cold shower, an ice bath, a cold water douse, etc. Trust me on this. And drink plenty of it. You’re made of it.

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